One Year

I miss my mother.

365ish long days ago, my mother, Kathy, lost her battle with lung cancer.

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My NFL Fealty

As far as the NFL goes, I am a lifelong Cleveland Browns fan. Yes, I realize this means I love self-loathing and hate feeling happy on Sunday evenings.

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My PRK Experience: The Healing

My wife decided that it would be slightly irresponsible if I only posted about the wonders of modern medicine without discussing the (potential) drawbacks. While my eye surgery was (so far) a resounding success, there naturally were some post-operative issues that I’ll go into detail here.

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Why Spotify Beats Google Music

I wanted Google Music to be my destination for music. I really did.

Due to lack of a solid desktop app, a crappy Android app, and general “meh”-ness, I am leaving Google Music and returning to Spotify.

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